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Get to Know Jacob!

Get to Know Jacob!

September 07, 2023

Ever wondered if someone can be too active? Well, the answer is a resounding no! Let me provide you with some insights into the dynamic personality of Jacob Champlin.

Outside the Office:

Jacob is a devoted dog enthusiast, an adventurous hiker, a passionate climber, a dedicated weightlifter, a camping aficionado, and occasionally indulges in the thrilling sport of skydiving (we're still trying to fathom that one ourselves).

Inside the Office:

Behind the scenes, Jacob plays a pivotal role in our office operations. He's constantly engaged in client interactions, diligently building and nurturing relationships with both new and existing clients, and tirelessly servicing our clients day in and day out. Without him, the three of us (Brad, Peter, and I) wouldn't be able to prioritize our clients and do what we love most—working alongside our clients to create a lasting impact.

The next time you cross paths with Jacob, I encourage you to take a moment to get to know him better. He's an invaluable asset to our team and enriches our lives in countless ways.