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Retire Like A Shark

Retire Like A Shark

 Top North American Advisors Share Keys to Retire Well in the New Book, Retire Like A Shark

The number of people retiring spiked in 2020, increasing over 33 percent in the last decade, growing from approximately 34 million in 2010 to over 46 million in 2020, according to 

Many successful people are heading into retirement with little or waning confidence.

There are no easy answers to retire in today’s world filled with uncertainty and challenges never before faced by retirees. 

Yet, there are tried and true keys, methods, and tips to increase your ability to retire with confidence. That’s the idea behind the newest book, “Retire Like A Shark,” from Kevin Harrington and Scott Keffer. They have assembled an all-star cast of wealth, financial, investment and business advisors from across North America to write a chapter on the keys to retire with confidence, security and joy. 

Kevin Harrington, a best-selling author and original Shark on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, and Scott Keffer, a best-selling author and business growth coach, along with their co-authors - Brad Champlin & Amanda Williams; and 33 other top advisors – each contributed an original chapter to the book. 

Readers will discover tax, financial, and investment keys, methods and tips, along with an opportunity for additional retirement resources, from over 30 leading authorities.

Retire Abundantly

Retire Abundantly


You only retire once, so you might as well get it right.

If you are already retired, or just about to retire, do you want to say, “I hope I have just enough money to scrimp and save my way through old age and medical bills so I don’t have to depend on the kids?”


Would you rather say, “I can finally enjoy the life that I promised myself and my family years and years ago?

A life of freedom to become the person you want to be, doing the things you want to do, with the people you want to be with, making the difference you want to make.

If the last option sounds like the best one to you, then you are reading the right book at just the right time. This book is NOT about how to simply retire. (There are tons of books and tons of people who can help you do that.)

This book will show you how to RETIRE ABUNDANTLY.

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