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Building Wealth

Accumulating wealth is part of any good financial plan

Champlin & Associates can help you create a broad investment strategy

Once you have a solid financial plan in place, Champlin & Associates will help you create a broad investment strategy that incorporates your wealth accumulation goals. The allocation of your investments will be different for everyone depending on your life or business stage. Whether you are preparing for a family, saving for college or ready to retire, your life stage and financial goals determine our approach.

Our goal is to develop a plan where you are not only accumulating wealth, but to help ensure your assets last a lifetime. We do this with a long-term investment strategy that is consistent with your investment objectives, time horizon and comfort level.

We practice solid investment management through asset allocation, diversification and utilization of multiple types of asset classes that behave differently in changing markets to help minimize the impact of a volatile and changing world. Asset allocation is a method used to help manage investment risk, does not guarantee a profit or protect against investment loss in a declining market, and may result in greater wealth accumulation over the long-term.*

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*Investing involves risk, including loss of principal.  Diversification does not guarantee a profit, nor do they eliminate the risk of loss of principal. Asset allocation which is driven by complex, mathematical models should not be confused with a simpler concept of diversification.