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Business Planning

Financial planning solutions for the life of your business

Champlin & Associates can help address your business planning needs

In business, we understand that success is defined by delivering and standing behind a good product. In business planning, Champlin & Associates knows that an important component of your success is financial business planning for the long term. We can help address and plan key financial planning issues crucial to the long-term success of your business, including succession planning, retirement planning, estate planning and key employee planning.

A sound business plan is more than just ensuring the stability of your business now, it should also answer the question “what happens to my business if I become sick, disabled or die prematurely?” At Champlin & Associates, we can help address this critical issue so that you can pass your achievements on to your children, partners or new owners.

Through our consultative approach, our team can help make this complex task seem simple, which allows you to stay focused on your business while we stay focused on making it ready for efficient transfer in the future. We are business owners doing business-owner planning. You can rely on us to present choices of business succession options and strategies and then develop and execute the plan.

Good business planning also includes using your business to reward yourself and your key people. Champlin & Associates can present various, tax-efficient solutions to help you set extra money aside for yourself, help your employees prepare for their own retirement, and reward and retain key employees.

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