Roland Williams

Roland Williams

Roland Williams | NFL Super Bowl Champion |

Team Building & Performance Expert | Keynote Speaker |

Proud Dad x 3

Be A Champion 

 The Champion Academy Extreme Mentoring & Empowerment Initiative (Champion Academy) is a trauma-responsive mentoring program providing urban teens in poverty the critical accountability, consistency and support necessary to overcome obstacles and maximize their potential in school, at home and in the community

Client Centered

The Champion Academy combines firsthand knowledge of the cultural nuances of urban teen culture along with proven mentoring fundamentals to produce unprecedented academic and social emotional outcomes.

Join The Fun!

Join The Fun!

  • Summer Orientation
  • Member Accountability
  • College & Career Readiness Training
  • Community Service
  • E-Mentoring
  • Exposure Opportunities
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Monthly Meet Ups
Client Centered

Without proactive guidance at home to teach these teens the strategies necessary to overcome their toxic environment, thousands of traumatized, undisciplined and unprepared students flood into school districts unable to address their complex academic, social and emotional needs