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Jacob Champlin

Jacob's path from the United States Marine Corps to Champlin & Associates underscores his unwavering commitment to local service. Hailing from Rushville, NY, he embarked on a journey that led him to various corners, notably California, where he excelled as an Infantryman in the 2nd Battalion 4th Marines. His deployment in Darwin, Australia, as part of a special MAGTAF, demonstrated his readiness for swift response in global crises.

This rich tapestry of experiences provided a sturdy foundation for Jacob's current role as an Office Manager, where he excels in steering clients toward their financial aspirations. Since returning to Rochester post-active duty, he's channeled his dedication into community service. When not immersed in office affairs, Jacob is busy pushing limits both at the gym and on the rock climbing wall.

But Jacob's zest for life extends far beyond professional and athletic realms. His love for outdoor adventures and sport bikes is truly contagious. Whether it's exploring new trails or hitting the open road, he consistently seeks out opportunities for excitement, always more than happy to share these escapades with his cherished circle of family and friends.