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JR  Williams

JR, a valued addition to our team since 2020, plays a pivotal role in managing our social media content across various platforms. Beyond his work with us, JR is a multi-talented individual, balancing his time as a Music Producer, Audio Engineer, and Website Management Specialist, where he creates and meticulously monitors Champlin & Associates' website and Facebook page.

But JR's entrepreneurial spirit doesn't stop there. He's the proud owner of GGK Studios, nestled in the vibrant city of Rochester, NY. This studio bears the names of his three beloved children, Gabby, Giuliana, and Kendrick, a testament to his commitment to both family and his creative pursuits.

While JR dedicates himself to crafting and nurturing his own creative content, he's equally devoted to his growing family. His passion for work mirrors his unwavering enthusiasm for the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Football team. When it comes to the Steelers, JR is the ultimate aficionado—whether you need the latest score, the name of a key player, or their birthdates, he's your go-to source. On game days, you'll find him donning Steelers apparel, fully immersed in the thrilling world of football.

JR's love for the Steelers extends to his family, where he's succeeded in passing on his fervor for the sport to his wife, Amanda, and their four children. Together, they embrace the camaraderie and excitement that football brings, making their home a lively hub of enthusiasm during the NFL season.

In JR, we have not only an exceptional team member but also a passionate family man and an ardent Steelers supporter who infuses energy and dedication into every aspect of his life.