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Katiulka  Norton

Katiulka Norton

Business Administrator

Katiulka joined Champlin & Associates in 2016 as part-time bookkeeper and in 2018 came on board as a full-time Business Administrator. Katiulka is responsible for running proposals and setting up new investment, annuity, and life insurance accounts. She tracks and coordinates outstanding underwriting needs until completion. As a bookkeeper, she completes many tasks such as profit & loss statements, prepares financial statements, and so much more! Before joining Champlin & Associates she owned and managed Durango Dowghworks, a cafe located in Colorado. She also worked as a Homework Club Teacher and Community Crops Liaison at Montview Elementary School.

Katiulka grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and attended the University Autonomous of Santa Domingo, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. She also enjoys traveling, dancing, cooking, hiking and camping with her family. She currently lives in Pittsford, NY with her husband and three children.

She started in 2016 after moving to NY from Colorado, where she co-owned a cafè called Durango Doughworks. She knows how to make a great donut… but we are glad Kathi is a part of our financial team! Fun fact – she grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, that’s also where she met her husband. Today they have three children together and love to spend time outdoors.