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Peter Owh, RICP

Peter Owh is a distinguished figure in the financial services sector, boasting a remarkable 21-year career marked by numerous leadership accolades.  Central to his achievements is his unwavering dedication to guiding and uplifting fellow financial advisors, a passion that has consistently driven his success.

Now, Peter is channeling this fervor into a new venture as President at Champlin & Associates.  In this role, he is laser-focused on educating and assisting business owners and individuals in crafting customized strategies for business planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Peter is deeply committed to giving back to the community.  He has held pivotal positions such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Board Member, and Committee Member in various churches and nonprofit organizations, where he actively promotes, empowers, and supports stewardship.  Peter’s dedication extends to his ongoing partnership with NETSA (New England Tire & Service Association), where he imparts financial education and benefits to its members.

During his leisure moments, Peter indulges in his passions for golf and tennis, and he relishes the relaxation of cruise vacations.